Work today focused on the 4398 rehab, F22/T16 restoration, pole planting, track preparation for the Blimp leads, 78 on the pit and operator training.
The F22 crew
The 4398 crew
Cars out for training
14 heading out for a training run...the box/flat is gone!
Laura and Bri
The line crew picks up the poles
and delivers them to the site
This is where we are heading, F22 as built.
This is what we have to repair
Plenty of rot
Laura knocks some of the old out of the way
Sarah discovers the holes for attaching the bumper (see photo of original)
and we documented their location.
We removed a piece of a rotted corner post.
along with an anti-climber and uncovered more rot...
The post will provide us a cross section so they can be duplicated.  Several are bad.