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The “Weakly Report” goes on line 
You have reached the page I generate from my Laptop.  I don’t update this as frequently opting instead to make pages in the comfort of my big screen and comfortable chair at home.  Click on this box to go to the “Weakly Page”

The Allison Shelter now resides on the new platform at the East Site thanks to the efforts of the Line guys. It needs some TLC, thanks also to the Track guys for making the platform.  
Click this box to check out the archive of photos posted during 2004 & 2005.  The Blimp Hangar Dedication is the page you will reach 
links to all the pages can be found at the top of the page. 
Check out the Chateau page to see the construction history and progress.  Brace yourself though there’s bunch of photos.
Click the Meetings poster to view my latest Trustee Meeting Report
Look at the great billboard that is now on Interstate 70

Check out the latest from Cleveland.  Cincinnati 2227 is last to leave Trolleyville for secure storage in Downtown Cleveland.  This photo shows Dave Carpenter running the car onto the trailer! Click here to visit the Lake Shore Museum site for more photos of the new (but temporary)
car house by the lake.
The Open Car arrives from Florida
June 3