This weekend the McClane pocket track was activated by the line crew and the track guys installed the guard rail.  4398 had eleventy-seven things going on with seats, sign boxes and the lifeguards.  Dennis and Dennis were studying the electrical system and down at the Blimp Hangar we finally got started on F22 after taking the wing ding motorman qualification test.  Don Bailey was in town along with a number of the Baltimoreans.
Weakly Photos April 8
4398 now sports the ‘Lifeguard’ apparatus on the #1 end
Dave Crow rides the tower as the wire frog is installed
WoW!  The lifeguard looks great back on the way it was installed in service
Unfortunately a slight design flaw must have made its operation problematic.
Don, Laura and Big Ed work over the window frames we provided Ed for C145
Alberto, Dan and Bryant install the guard rail
Laura and Don removed the rest of the rot
Laura cleans up around F22
Inside the ‘A’ end cab of F22
outside the A cab Rottus Maximus
This corner was rotted when we got the car in 1982, tarps kept it in check
We took the bottom out and have the cross-section we ned to make more!