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Sarah took over those duties.  
As most know by now Scott is in Passavant Hospital in the North Hills and has undergone extensive open heart surgery.  He came through with flying colors and is now recovering.  He will be out of circulation for a while, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
Also, check out the new Vintage Photos page to see glass color slides taken by Grampa Ellis back in the 30s.  There is Boston, Worchester, Philadelphia and much more.

 See all the new photos below and be sure to read the captions for more information. Remember, stories from previous “Around” pages and my pages in general can be found on the BLOG page and as always questions are welcome.

Happy 54th birthday to the Trolley Museum’s arrival in Washington County.  1954 & 54 is 2008!
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With 722 in the background and Sarah holding the Smoking Compartment center bulkhead from inside the car you can get the idea that we are serious about disassembling this car and saving as much as we can for use on car 739.  The toilet fixture is still inside the car but the partition is now removed and safely placed inside 739.  We also hauled about half of the new lumber stored inside down to the Blimp and stored it along the wall next to 067 and F22.  Saturday I got great help from Bill Fronczek while Sunday he took the day to go visit Scott Davis in the hospital while
February 1 we woke up to a serious accumulation of ice on everything.
Grading at the Blimp hangar reached new heights with all of the dirt now on site
We had high winds last week (60mph+).  It blew the tarp off the trucks in the rear of the building (again) and possibly took the porta-potty too.
Here’s the bulkhead again.  We loaded it in the truck and took it to the Blimp.  Then we went to Dave Woods place to enjoy the Superbowl
Sunday, Feb 3 was a beautiful day and Sarah couldn’t resist sunning herself
WP 733 739 at Turnpike w/RISS Truck. Check out the webpage for more information on the history of that company.
This is for Howard, he wanted to know which car.
4398 from the Mezzanine showing the 600 volt lighting on for testing
Justin was overhauling the line switch contactor on the #1 end controller.  12/29
Jack prepares 4398 truck parts for installation
Truck work will commence soon.
4398 without a car on the pit blocking the view.  December 22
inside Justin, Jack and Jim were just finishing up installation and adjustment of the fare register
Inside at the other end of 4398, Jeff tests the register for proper operation.
Dec 9, clerestory windows fitted (as seen elsewhere)
Doug and Bernie, removing the open car motors at the Blimp
Art poses next to the road bearing the number of his age (in case you didn’t figure that out before).
Art enjoying his 88 cake with Wayne and Nancy
Chris enjoying 88 cake
John Bagiensky’s favorite car, Brill sweeper M47 taken in Palm Garden yard 1963 or so... His Aunt made a painting based on this photo.
Mon West Penn 250, Clarksburg
Brilliner #3 in Media (a correction thanks to Rich Allman), from original Art Ellis negative.  Taken around 1941
Pictures from Mike Trosino, this is car 5205 at Scranton side with belt rail
These photos show riveted replacement of the side sheets belt rail and new letterboard
Jim and Jack applying black trim paint
to 4398.  Lots to do!
Headlight at the #1 end
Headlight at the #2 end
Bill Penn and Ralph take a break at the welding bench.
here it is!!!
Members took a side trip from the Director’s meeting to look at the finished product
In the shop 4398 ready for painting
Back in the shop at the end of the day 4398 was almost all sealed up.
Out in Electric Park the set up for Pumpkin Patch was there with our new Transformer
The OLD substation is GONE!
Our Happy Track Crew!
Down at the Blimp Larry, Dan and Bob were filling 3618 and
During the week the contractor filled up
most of the hole
Scott Becker took these photos
applying the West Penn emblems to the “public” side of the car.
In the evening we had a “cook in” (I made food at the Chateau) and celebrated the Jeff and Justin birthdays (belatedly)  Jeff 1st, Justin 12th.
On September 29 we shifted the cars around to get ready for Karl Johnson’s seminar
8042 was moved from track 33 to track 31 (the Blimp Shop)
1138 was moved to track 33 to replace 8042
2723 came out of the shop and then back in to the forward most position
The Porter and the Caboose at the other end
The Track Zero all filled by the Carhouse
The P&S Department Boxcar is the first placed after the ceremonial visit by B73.
Larry Lovejoy provided this photo of B73 at the end  of the new track described above by Dave.
To cap off the day on August 4 we moved Mon-West Penn 250 from the old carhouse to the Blimp Hangar.
66 was used to do the honors and the car navigated all the new trackwork with relative ease
In spite of operating on small flanged philly sweeper trucks it took all the switches smoothly!
Of course it involved a “horsecar” move with substitute horses.
Gordon’s pointing out the 600 volt output of the new Substation which was successfully tested August 4
4398 wiring is pretty much complete
A couple weeks ago I photographed Jim sanding and finishing the cherry wood trim for 4398.
Sarah and I spent July 31, Aug 1, 2 & 3 building this house in Beaver Falls
A dust devil helps get the Thepitt parking lot ready for the fair
Scott takes a photo of Doug, Dan and Larry while they install the railing on the McClane School Loop platform.
This is a mock-up of the billboard we are getting for a great price just west of the Lover exit on I-70
A very large crowd of well wishers turned out for a surprise party to celebrate Lee Gregory’s sixtieth birthday on Sunday night.
Bernie got Lee there for the “re-dedication” of 3618 after completion of the major truck rebuild in which Lee helped out.  Ivan drowned 3618’s trucks.
The cabinet doors are installed, now all that is needed are the other two cabinets.
July 5 the deluge of rain filled up the swale.
The water bypasses the few catch basins available
On July 4, Dave, Bernie, Doug, Douglas and Dan shifted cars so that the open car could be in the shop and 3618 over the pit to finalize connections.
After the cookout on June 24 we took a ride on 4004, the gang shown here at Arden Mines Loop.
Jeff and Chris triumphant!  Port Authority 4004 is back on the road again!
Beth, Mary, Chris and proud Grampa Bob
Sure is exciting when trains roll through Ohiopyle!
5/28 a visit to Ohiopyle
Enjoying Sleemans on the Veranda at the Chateau!
Laura scrapes paint on the letterboard of West Penn 739.
Here we all are on the steps of the Washington County Court House,
May 4, 2007
Art and Joann Get Hitched!  They love to visit lighthouses on their trips to Maine so they thought this would be a great wedding day photo at PTM.
Speaking of New Orleans, Elmer and the gang pose in front of PAT 4004 with Chris and Jeff inside.  Sarah is the photographer. 5/15/2007
including Grampa!
Updated: February 7, 2008
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